Vocational Rehabilitation

Job Assessment, Placement, and Supports

Description: This program assists adults with disabilities to enter or re-enter the workplace through the use of situational assessments, job placement and retention services, as well as on-site supports such as job coaching. Individuals in this program are typically referred from the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS), Workers Compensation Commission (WCC), and Board of Education and Services for the Blind (BESB) and usually only require short-term assistance with finding and keeping a job. Some individuals may qualify for longer-term services from these referral sources. It is also through this program area that the state may contract with Marrakech to provide workplace-based personal care assistants (PCA) for employees with disabilities. Short-term, intensive job placement and support services are offered to those in recovery through Access to Recovery (ATR III) funds designed to assist individuals with meeting their vocational goals. Individuals may also private pay for services when he/she does not qualify for any other third party payer. In these cases, the state-established vocational rehabilitation fees will be utilized to develop a contract between Marrakech and the individual served.

Staff that provide job supports complete all of Marrakech's core in-service training, including CPR and First Aid. In addition, staff is required to attend Job Coaching in-service as well as other external trainings as appropriate. Employment Specialists are experienced vocational staff with demonstrated success with meeting employment program outcomes.

Vocational Rehabilitation staff has offices located in New Haven, Middletown, Waterbury, Torrington, and Bridgeport, Connecticut. However, services may be provided statewide.

Eligibility: People must meet the eligibility requirements established by the funding/referral source, when there is one in place. Basic criteria requires that the individual served has a disability and needs support in finding a job or retaining one once placed.

Contact Information:

Patrick Shaw
Program Coordinator
Phone: (203) 389-2970, Ext. 1306
Fax: (203) 389-3927

Marissa Rivera-Artis
VP of Behavioral Health & Career Development Services
Phone: (203) 389-2970, Ext.1343
Fax: (203) 389-3927

For individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, please text us at:
(203) 823-7387

Mailing Address:
Marrakech, Inc.
Six Lunar Drive
Woodbridge, CT 06525

Main Phone: (203) 389-2970
Main Fax: (203) 397-0658

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contact info

Marrakech Inc
Six Lunar Drive
Woodbridge, CT 06525
p: 203.389.2970
f: 203.397.0658

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